Welcome to our digital Christmas show!

The countdown has begun! Get ready at 17.00 CET for check-in, why not prepare yourself with a treat for the show and light a Christmas candle as well to get in the mood?

Please be observant for instructions in the beginning of the event for the best possible experience.

17:00 Check in
17:10-17:22 Our Christmas Greeting
17:30-18:00 Christmas show with Isaac & The Soul Company and Andreas Weise
18:00-19:20 Carola Christmas Show
19:20-19:30 Wrap up with Isaac & The Soul Company and Andreas Weise

To reach the event just click on the link to end up in our digital Christmas world where all the wonderful things happen. In the next step please verify your Baxter email address to register for the event.

Enjoy the show!

Click here to enter the event.