Terms of Use

This event will be recorded and made available internally within the Husqvarna Group. As a viewer of the event, you will not be recorded or visible in the recording unless you

1) during the event choose to submit your selfie for use in the event (more information will be given in the event), or you

2) post something in the chat

in which cases your selfie and/or your chat post along with your name will be part of the recording.

Submitting your selfie and posting in the chat is voluntary, and if you choose to do so, you also agree to this data being recorded. If you do not agree to being recorded in this way, do not submit your selfie or post anything in the chat.

The data you enter above on this page will be processed to administer access to the event and provide insight on attendance.

Husqvarna AB is the controller and all personal data is processed in accordance with our internal Privacy Notice (which can be found under Group Policies in How We Work if you want to read it again).