The Breakfast

Let’s eat breakfast together! Here’s a chance to warm up and mingle before the program starts. Have a look around our WIT-venue and meet the people behind the event.

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The Power of Resilience

Welcome to the Main Stage as the program starts and the first keynote speakers are lining up. Have you coffee/tea/hot chocolate ready – may we suggest a thermos? – because you will not want to leave the screen.

Lola Akinmade Åkerlund, Author & Travel Photographer
Katrine Marçal, Author of ‘Mother of Invention’
Nora Bavey, General Partner at Unconventional Ventures

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The Networking

Meet your peers over text or video. Find out who else is here, meet with speakers and discover what our brilliant partners have prepared for you in their stands. Or take a moment for yourself in one of our calm areas.

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The First Recap

How are we doing so far? We’re assembling at the Main Stage for a quick recap and some surprises for you.

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The Lunch

Many hours have been spent at that kitchen table this past year, right? Well, for this lunch you’ll enjoy the company of +4,000 women in tech. The partners are ready for you to drop by their stands and we have some goodies in store for you.

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The First Focus Sessions

This is where it gets tricky! A magnificent smörgåsbord of talks, panels and discussions in a wide variety of topics is now in front of you. Pick and choose, get a taste for what you like and dig in.

The first set starts at 12:45 and ends at 13:10.
The second set starts at 13:15 and ends at 13:40.

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The Bright Future

Hurry back to the Main Stage for the Bright Future Panel with four young women who are pushing the tech industry forward in their own ways.

Linnea Suomenniemi, Process Engineer AOI at Qualcomm and board member at Swedish Federation of Young Scientists
Eleonora (Elle) Svanberg, Physics & Mathematics student, Founder of Girls in STEM
Kawsar Ibrahim, Computer science student, works with youth and minority inclusion/representation
Tanya Singh, Tech Girl of the Year 2020 | Social Entrepreneur | Computer Science Student

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The Next Focus Sessions

Oh wow, there’s more to the smörgåsbord! Pick and choose, jump in and take the chance to try something new.

The first set starts at 14:15 and ends at 14:40.
The second set starts at 14:45 and ends at 15:10.

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The Networking

There might be people present that you haven’t had the time to talk to yet. Don’t worry, we’ve planned time for that.

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The Keynotes

Find you best chairs and get into the zone. It’s time to meet three incredible speakers and immerse yourselves into emotional AI and groundbreaking innovations.

Gitanjali Rao, Innovator and TIME Kid of the Year 2020
Dr Ayesha Khanna, Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI | Strategic Advisor
Dr Rana El Kaliouby, Co-founder, CEO Affectiva

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The Wrap-up

Mmm… wraps… What’s a conference without a lukewarm wrap right? Oh, wait, we’re digital! Let’s just wrap it up, wrap it in, hear your thoughts, tell you what’s next for Women in Tech Sweden and then hit that networking area again. Yup, we’ll stick around for a while if you who want to hang out for just a little bit longer.

More about the Speakers at #WITswe2021

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Session 1

Leadership will never be the same again – Hosted by Ericsson

In this session we examine the ways in which the past year has challenged some long-held beliefs about our ways of working. The consensus is that the office, as we know it, will never be the same again. Neither will leadership. Peter Laurin and Charlotte Levert look at the demands the workplace of the future will put on leaders and the role ICT companies like Ericsson will continue to play in shaping tomorrow’s world.

Peter Laurin, SVP and Head of Business Area Managed Services
Charlotte Levert, Vice President & Head of People, Ericsson Managed Services

Go to Ericsson stage at 12:45


How to turn data into value when time waits for no one – Hosted by Accenture

Join us behind the scenes of how Telia and Accenture collaborated, produced and commercially scaled an offering fit to battle Covid-19 in just a few months time. The service, based on Telia Crowd Insights, anonymized and aggregated movement data from Telia’s network, helped authorities across the Nordics & Baltics to tailor initiatives to combat the virus with the information about the public’s travel patterns during the pandemic. Telia Crowd Insights is the Winner of CIO Awards 2020 ‘Digital Project of the Year’social impact.

Elin Allison, Head of New Product & Strategy, Data Insights, Telia
Petter Bohman, Senior Manager, Applied Intelligence Lead Sweden, Accenture
Fia Bengtsson, Consulting Manager & Nordic Social Innovator Lead, Accenture.

Go to Accenture stage at 12:45


The tech industry in the wake of the pandemic: a short-term boom or an enabler for long-term value? – Hosted by EY

After a period of uncertainty back in mid-March when the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the world, digital adoption soon took a quantum leap. Here, the tech industry played a crucial role resulting in all-time highs.
In this session, some of our most well-known tech investors and entrepreneurs will share their view on the current market situation as well as the outlooks for the future. Furthermore, we´ll tap into their personal career journeys and the experiences that shaped them into who they are today.

Anna Faelten, Partner, Strategy and Transactions at EY
Maxine Rior, Investor at Northzone
Maria Hedengren, CEO at Readly

Go to EY stage at 12:45


Behind the scenes with women at Salesforce – the career journey, the growth and innovation culture, the best workplace – Hosted by Salesforce

Join us “Behind the scenes”, with women from the world’s most innovative tech company – Salesforce! Tune in and watch five amazing ladies at Salesforce Sweden inspire you about innovation leadership, hyper growth culture, and career paths. After the breakout, at our colourful lounge, you will have the possibility to chat with some of the women in the panel. A big warm welcome!

Ulrika Andersson, Head of Corporate Communications & PR, Nordics and Public Sector Northern Europe, at Salesforce
Inger Lise Eng, Senior Director, Professional Services Nordics & Deputy Country Leader Sweden
Viveca Molin, Senior Program Architect
Naya Amjadi, Senior Account Executive
Linnea Henriksson, Senior Solution Engineer

Go to the Salesforce stage at 12:45
This session is also available at 14:15.


Mastering self-leadership to succeed in your Tech dream job – Hosted by Storytel

Mastering Self-leadership is becoming more and more important and at Storytel we believe this is key to succeeding in an ever-changing world. At Storytel we have made it part of our corporate culture & DNA. What does it mean? How does it come into play and how could it help you land and succeed in working in Tech? Join our session with a short intro on self-leadership by our CCO, Ingrid Bojner and an inspiring panel with some of our female tech leaders to discuss why we work where we do and how self-leadership supports us to succeed at our job.

Ingrid Bojner, CCO – Chief Commercial Officer
Kimberly Bent, Crew Coach
Beatrice Holt, Product Manager
Elena Kulakova, iOS developer
Olena Malishenko, QA/Software Tester
Agnes Flodin, Recruiter

Go to Studio 1 at 12:45


The Path to a more sustainable workplace. Lifehacks in short presentations – Hosted by Electrolux

Electrolux is on a journey to a fully circular business in 2030. But not only our company transforms also our products will make your homes more sustainable and comfortable at the same time. In this session we will show you how we have changed our daily work, topped up with practical tips and lifehacks about how to save valuable resources and time, and how you find the best free training courses.

Vanessa Butani, Head of Sustainability Europe​
Helena Babelon​, Head of IT Sustainability​
Elke Glaser​, IT Business Partner​
Katarzyna Lipinska​, Digital Innovation Lead​

Go to Studio 2 at 12:45


Why most of Sweden’s current digital solutions fail to include all its citizens, and what we can do about it – Hosted by TietoEVRY

In 2023 analysts predict that Sweden will be completely cash free. This decision might be good, but has never been a democratic decision, which risks leading to further digital exclusion. Sweden has set the bar high, and want to become the world leader in harnessing the opportunities of digital transformation. But is Sweden ready to go completely cash free?

In this focus session we will discuss this matter and what steps we need to take in order to make digital solutions accessible for everyone. In this focus session we will have specialists joining from various areas in the industry, with a deep knowledge on the challenges ahead.

Linnéa Källgård, awardwinning UX Designer & Strategist
Micaela Vernmark, leading a global team of senior solution consultants

Go to Studio 3 at 12:45


IoT enabling Smart Cities and Sustainability – Hosted by Tele 2

Companies investing in IoT often have cost reduction or revenue generation as their main driver. In this session, we will both look at such use cases, but also give examples on how the Internet of Things can help companies with their carbon foot print, and become more efficient and sustainable.
Göteborgs Stad will be giving us their view on working with sustainability. While smart city projects have, until recently, been largely ad hoc, we are now seeing the emergence of the first truly connected cities, with everything from smart parking and smart traffic management to smart street lighting and smart waste management becoming the norm, rather than the exception. These cases combine a mix of enhanced efficiency and higher quality of living with reduced costs and urban problem solving – all leading to a better quality of life for urban dwellers.

Karin Edebo, product marketing manager at Tele2
Stina Strömberg, projektledare, Intraservice, Göteborgs Stad

Go to Studio 4 at 12:45


AI and automation, who is responsible for this smart future? – Hosted by Scania

This is the question that will be addressed by, Marie Bemler, Industrial PhD at Scania and Stockholm School of Economics. Her research looks at how we as humans build the image of our future and how that story affects reality. After an introduction, Marie Bemler and Elin Stålklinga, Group Manager responsible for autonomous vehicle behaviour at Scania discuss these questions together. Smart technologies comes with a responsibility, who’s and how to navigate between our history and the future is the topic of our session.

Marie Bemler, Scania

Go to Studio 5 at 12:45


How competitive sports shaped our leadership – Hosted by Andjela Kusmuk and Mina Boström Nakićenović

Andjela Kusmuk, Deal Engine Lead at EQT
Mina Boström Nakićenović, Chief Technology Officer at Paradox Interactive

Go to Studio 6 at 12:45


Cut through the noise and become a media darling – Frida Almgren

How come some tech companies get media’s undivided attention and others are struggling to even get their story across? Of course it’s connected to the level of disruption, size of the business and the actual products or services. But that’s not all. Who delivers the messages and how is just as vital.
We’ll discuss the growing importance of clear, strong and engaging communications to up your game as a spokesperson. Knowing what triggers journalists and audiences and by practising your skills, you too can become the media’s darling.

Frida Almgren, Communications expert and co-founder Comms Workout

Go to Studio 7 at 12:45


How to build engagement and entertainment in a digital environment? – Hosted by Kindred

How do you build engagement and entertainment in a digital environment? How do you motivate and enhance the employee’s leadership skills when training goes from offline to online? And how important are the technological solutions and how does the customer react when their alternatives of live entertainment changes and are replaced with digital entertainment?

During this fireside chat we will be talking, from different perspectives in the company, about collaboration, technological development and priorities with resilience as a underlying factor.

Charlotta Shelbourg, heading up the Player verification team at Kindred Group
Mette Lorenzen, Global Head of Customer Service at Kindred Group
Mickael Marceau, Payment Solutions for Kindred Group
Usha Ganesan, Financial Control and Treasury Teams at Kindred
Olga Hypponen, Management and Leadership development, Talent Development

Go to Studio 8 at 12:45

Session 2

Creating an inclusive cultural experience using AR – Hosted by Accenture

This session will take you through how Accenture Development Partnerships have collaborated with Sara Kulturhus to create an inclusive navigation app leveraging Augmented Reality. The purpose of the session is to demonstrate how technology can be used as an enabler to create a personalized and interactive cultural experience while also leveraging social impact.

Maria Ekberg Brännström, CEO Sara Kulturhus
Lovisa Bergman, Management Consultant, Accenture
Carla Nykopp, Digital Transformation Consultant, Accenture
Fia Bengtsson, Consulting Manager & Nordic Social Innovator Lead, Accenture

Go to Accenture stage at 13:15


Disrupting through inclusion at Ericsson ONE – Hosted by Ericsson

New technologies are disrupting the way we live, work and create, and until now, most of us have inherited a world that others have built. The greatest transformation we can now achieve is to ensure that we use technology & entrepreneurship to democratize the opportunity to become an architect of the future. At Ericsson ONE, we are following an unconventional path to finding new revenue generating businesses, through intrapreneurship . In this session we will talk about how we’re working to find and unlock the potential of 95 000 employees to create gamechangers – of the people, by the people and for the people.

Mala Valroy, Head of Ericsson ONE EMEA

Go to Ericsson stage at 13:15


Sustainable business action: How to use tech as a catalyst to accelerate towards UN´s Sustainable Development Goals – Hosted by EY

A session to explore how we can use tech as a catalyst of accelerating towards reaching the UN sustainable development goals, by materializing sustainability strategies. The session will revolve around the questions of what future we see ahead, and how can we use design and tech to shape a preferable future? Further, we will talk about the importance of hope and collaboration, and how we can use tech to build synergies between people, organizations, and institutions.

Lisa Lindström, Chief Experience Officer at EY and Co-Founder of Doberman
Anna Ryott, Investor and Co-Founder Heart 17
Klara Leander, Business Director at EY Doberman
Tove Blomgren, Creative Director at SALLY by Doberman

Go to EY stage at 13:15


How to build remote teams – stories from across a product company – Hosted by Storytel

How do you build strong teams remotely, facing the challenges of distributed product teams, closed offices, and lack of physical interaction in a rapidly growing company? Listen to Storytel’s leaders from across the company share their experiences of growing talent, motivating and building trust and team spirit in these challenging times. You’ll learn how to bridge physical distance and organizational divisions to unite people and facilitate successful remote work.

Josefin Gullbrandsson, Global Digital Growth Manager & Co-founder Code Excursion
Natasha Ehlén, Head of Product Design
Signe Kiselberg, Tech manager
Emma Lindgren, Crew Coach
Sofie Söderström, Talent Acquisition Partner

Go to Studio 1 at 13:15


How tech allowed me to work at a university and not end up in a ball pit – Hosted by Kathrin Lemler

Strangers might call me “severely disabled” or “considerably restricted in all areas of life“. Friends and colleagues describe me as being a lively chatterbox or an ambitious workaholic. I describe myself as an educational scientist, a master’s student, a research associate at the University of Cologne, a speaker on alternative and augmentative communication, a supervisor of seven assistants and finally, a woman who communicates exclusively through her eyes. Ever since my teenage years, it was crystal clear to me that my calling lies in alternative and augmentative communication. I want to fuse my own experience with expertise to raise public awareness about alternative communication and thereby empower others.

Kathrin Lemler, Educational Scientist

Go to Studio 2 at 13:15


Immersive collaboration and training drive efficiency of business operations – Hosted by TietoEVRY

Virtual reality and immersive collaboration provides us with a set of new solutions, that enables us to work in a more interactive way than ever before, with the help of technology. Immersive experiences provide us with efficiency in business operations, without compromising on the human perspective.

In this breakout session, Ksenia Avetisova, Head of TietoEVRY’s Enhanced Reality Lab discusses innovative ways of working & design thinking methods with Jessica Lindholm from Volvo Trucks. Together with TietoEVRY, Volvo Trucks combined human interaction with Extended Reality in order to train its global service engineers’ network, by replacing the need for physically organized training.

Ksenia Avetisova , Head of Enhanced Reality Centre of Excellence
Jessica Lindholm, Manager of Technical Training, Volvo Trucks

Go to Studio 3 at 13:15


Women Play Critical Role In Protecting Our Digital Legacy – Hosted by Margo Georgiadis and Taryn Southern

Today we have a special interview between Taryn Southern, influencer, award-winning storyteller and advisor for GoodTrust, and Margo Georgiadis, the former CEO of and previously President of Google Americas. They talk about the importance of women’s digital legacy and the online afterlife, how new technologies like AI will change the world, how women today are part of leadership roles in the tech industry, and where life is headed in 2021 and beyond.

Margo Georgiadis, Managing Partner at Synetro Group
Taryn Southern, Artist/writer/director

Go to Studio 4 at 13:15


Skill Capture – the vehicle out of the crisis – Hosted by Scania

Grab the opportunity to participate in a workshop where you take part of how we have used the power of diversity and inclusion (called Skill Capture at Scania) to keep up speed in our business and at the same time contribute to driving the shift towards a sustainable transports. We will dig into the Skill Capture approach, where we use the diversity and inclusion in our teams to find new ways of working and stay innovative and creative despite remote working and redundancy.  Join Karin Callin who is managing the Skill Capture team at Scania, supporting the organisation with the concept, tools and methods in this interactive workshop.

Karin Callin, Scania

Go to Studio 5 at 13:15


Boosting our own and others techfidence – Hosted by Hello World

Explore how you can get more girls to discover the magical world of tech! Let’s start with our own techfidence. During our session you will meet Hello World!’s General Secretary Maria Arneng, as well as Hanna Linn, our leader and now PhD student at Chalmers, who spent the past four years teaching programming at Hello World! You will also meet Elin Wallberg at Samsung. We will have an exciting discussion about the problem with the male stereotype of an engineer or scientist, and the importance of role-models. We hope you will leave the focus session with new tips and tricks on how you can strengthen the movement for girls with techfidence.

Maria Arneng, Secretary General @ Hello World!
Hanna Linn, Leader @ Hello World
Elin Wallberg, Brand and Corporate Citizenship Manager, Samsung Electronics Nordic AB

Go to Studio 6 at 13:15


Tech as a solution to the 1,5°C degree target – Hosted by Cybercom

If we continue on our current trajectory the world will be unable to deliver on the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Achieving the goals for goal nr 13 (climate) is critical in order for the world to deliver on the remaining global sustainability goals, and there is therefore a need to address this issue globally. There is a need to shift focus from only reducing our negative impact, to become solution providers with potential to contribute significant positive impact. To do this there is a need for tech-, business model-, behavioural- and organisational innovation.

In this breakout session Catharina Sandberg, CEO of the deep tech incubator Lead from Linköping/Norrköping, will share their journey to accelerate their positive contributions to global sustainability. Jenny (Vinnova), Julia Creutz (Cybercom), Stina Lantz (Ignite) and Christel Holmquist ( Cybercom ) will join her to discuss the possibilities emerging because of initiatives like these.

Cybercom helps clients succeed in the connected world and contribute to a sustainable future and worked together with Lead in this project during 2020. Cybercom combine technical expertise and business insight to create innovative, secure and sustainable solutions that help our clients capture the opportunities of digitalisation.

Christel Holmquist – Maker of Tomorrow / Business Leader Digital Sustainability, Cybercom
Julia Creut, Maker of Tomorrow / Digital Sustainability Advisor
Catharina Sandberg, CEO Lead – Deep Tech Incubator
Stina Lantz Program Manager, Ignite Sweden
Jenny Elfsberg, Head of Innovation Management Division, Vinnova

Go to Studio 7 at 13:15


#ourjourneytowardszero A gambling company’s journey towards safer – Hosted by Kindred

We want all our customers to enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment and we are committed to do all that we reasonably can to prevent and minimise harm caused by gambling.

To facilitate a fair, transparent and honest discussion, Kindred Group have decided to openly report the share of revenue derived from high-risk customers. We will also share important milestones on our journey towards zero in 2023, so that we can contribute to a fact-based debate about a sustainable gambling industry and what is needed to protect those who suffer. In this breakout session we will explain how through technology we can assess the risk indicators of our Player Safety Early Detection System and present a customer case.

Aleksandra Wilczynska, Senior Data Analyst, LeCoR Analytics, Kindred Group
Daria Magdoiu, Responsible Gaming Relationship Manager, Player Sustainability, Kindred Group

Go to Studio 8 at 13:15

Session 3

How to keep Women in Tech? – Hosted by Accenture

Gender diversity research tell us that women tend to leave Tech industry as they advance in their careers. So ‘How do we keep Women in Tech’? Sofi Håkanson, Elisabeth Åkerblom and Fia Bengtsson from Accenture will share insight from the latest research along with personal stories to have an interesting discussion around this topic. Referencing Accenture research: ‘Getting to Equal’ and ‘Resetting Tech Culture’ (joint research with ‘Girls Who Code’)

Sofi Håkanson, Managing Director Head of Financial Services Sweden, Accenture
Elisabeth Åkerblom, Cloud Transformation & Architecture Analyst, Accenture
Fia Bengtsson, Consulting Manager & Nordic Social Innovator Lead, Accenture

Go to Accenture stage at 14:15


Bridging the digital gender divide – Hosted by Ericsson

Hear Ericsson’s approach to sustainability and how they are twinning technology leadership and partnership to help bridge the digital gender divide.

Heather Johnson, VP and Head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

Go to Ericsson stage at 14:15


5G, 6G, quantum computing and beyond: What does an increasingly connected world mean for us? – Hosted by EY

Remember the 1G cell phones in the 1980s supporting voice calls only? Forty years later, we are now facing the 5G-reality where wireless technology can transmit data to at least 20 Gbps per second, or more than 8.7 million times faster than in the 80s. We start this session with some exciting tech trends and use cases that will fundamentally change our way of living. Together with well-known executives at industry leaders, we´ll then discuss the pros and cons with the 5G roll-out, not least when it comes to sustainability.

Anastasia Ribbing Kristoffers, Business Development Director at EY
Dr. Pernilla Jonsson, Head of Ericsson Consumer & Industry Lab
Pernilla Wikman, VP and Head of Global Business at Telia Company
Therése Treutiger, Director Commercial Partner & Innovation at Microsoft Sweden

Go to EY stage at 14:15


Behind the scenes with women at Salesforce – the career journey, the growth and innovation culture, the best workplace - Hosted by Salesforce

Join us “Behind the scenes”, with women from the world’s most innovative tech company – Salesforce! Tune in and watch five amazing ladies at Salesforce Sweden inspire you about innovation leadership, hyper growth culture, and career paths. After the breakout, at our colourful lounge, you will have the possibility to chat with some of the women in the panel. A big warm welcome!

Ulrika Andersson, Head of Corporate Communications & PR, Nordics and Public Sector Northern Europe, at Salesforce
Inger Lise Eng, Senior Director, Professional Services Nordics & Deputy Country Leader Sweden
Viveca Molin, Senior Program Architect
Naya Amjadi, Senior Account Executive
Linnea Henriksson, Senior Solution Engineer

Go to the Salesforce stage at 14:15


Are female role models still needed in the IT/Tech industry? – Hosted by SAP

It is more important now than ever, says Marika Auramo, Managing Director of SAP in the Nordic & Baltic region. Listen to her career journey and hear how you can succeed as a woman at a tech company.

Marika Auramo, Managing Director Nordic and Baltic region, SAP

Go to the Studio 1 at 14:15


Pandemic proof your career – A panel discussion – Hosted by Electrolux

The three panel speakers are experienced HR experts who have grown teams, organizations and their own career. They are going to talk about the four Electrolux core values that have been a driving force to our overall success All of them will give hands-on tips on how to thrive in your career even when we all work remotely during the Pandemic. They will add some own ways of approaching the important topic of networking while not being able to meet in person and also talk about how one can create a very own ‘personal brand’ and positive reputation.

Griet Staelens, VP HR & Communications CX
Edit Safranko, VP HR & Communications Group operations
Elena Breda, Head of CX Area Taste – Food Preservation

Go to the Studio 2 at 14:15


Working with AI and Analytics at ICA: a treasure hunt in a maze of challenges – Hosted by ICA

The data at ICA is a treasure, or “data is the new gold” as we have heard many times. But just like gold, data isn’t valuable in its raw state. Nor is it served on a silver platter. Data, like gold, needs to be processed – in this case manipulated and analyzed – to extract business value. We will tell you about the depth and width of ICA’s data and its possibilities, but also the challenges of implementing a data culture in one of Sweden’s largest companies.

Karin Madsen Anna Baecklund

Go to the Studio 3 at 14:15


Smart solutions and innovation at Scania at 14:15 – Hosted by Scania

Get a glimpse of how we at Scania strive towards integrating Smart solutions and Innovation into our manufacturing and logistic processes. We will look into how we accelerate digitalization and work towards integrating Industry 4.0 trends. Here we will see some interesting use cases where human-robot collaboration has helped in achieving safer environment for our operators in production, the use of machine learning and computer vision to automate routine checks at quality gate, application of industrial internet of things in the shift towards more sustainable manufacturing of products and services. Get an introduction to how we work towards achieving condition based maintenance and our innovation in the area of voice and gesture controlled robots.

Pavani Sakaray, Scania
Smriti Singh, Scania
Sidorela Suli, Scania

Go to the Studio 5 at 14:15


Women in Tech – Canada – Hosted by Elena Sinelnikova, Dr. Sarah Saska and Pratima Rao

Women in Tech in Sweden and Canada share many similarities — both the opportunities and challenges they face! Join this session to meet two prominent Canadian Women in Tech, learn about the WIT perspective from the other side of the Atlantic, and possibly even make new connections! The session will be moderated by the Senior Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada to Sweden.

Elena Sinelnikova, CryptoChicks
Dr. Sarah Saska, CEO of Feminuity
Pratima Rao, Counsellor and Senior Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada

Go to the Studio 6 at 14:15


Get into the tech industry – there are more ways than one! – Hosted by Josefine Hovmark

Are you interested in a career within tech, but a 3-5 year long university program isn’t for you? Don’t worry. There are multiple ways to get a job within the tech industry. Josefine Hovmark from DataTjej shares her story on how a 3 month long intensive course kick-started her career as a developer. It’s been four years since she graduated, and she recently joined a start up as CTO. Join us for an encouraging session and hear more about Josefines journey.

Josefine Hovmark, Head of Business Relations at DataTjej | CTO at Clever Compliance

Go to the Studio 7 at 14:15


Den agila ledningsgruppen – vi lever som vi lär! – Hosted by ATG

Det behöver inte vara svårt, att leva som man lär och implementera det agila arbetssättet i en ledningsgrupp. Det gäller att börja och testa sig fram! Vi vet att resultatet kommer fortare än man tror, och dessutom har man roligt på vägen tillsammans med sina kollegor. Vi välkomnar dig på en spännande breakout session där vi berättar mer om våra erfarenheter och svarar på hur? och varför?

Jenny Jernberg , Head Of IT Development at ATG.
Åsa Eriksson Hellsberg, Manager IT, Customer & Account at ATG.

Go to the Studio 8 at 14:15
This session is also available at 14:45.

Session 4

The world in 2030 – Connected, intelligent & sustainable – Hosted by Ericsson

Today, technology interacts primarily with two senses – sight and sound. At Ericsson Research, our vision for 5G and beyond is that technology will advance to enable a full internet of senses by 2025, and include the ability to digitally communicate thoughts by 2030. If 4G has been the age of the smartphone where digitalization and innovation has been about adapting services and connecting people through the smartphone screen. 5G networks will open up for a immersive era – based on mixed reality and a multi device world. Technologically, Ericsson Research vision states it will be possible to experience the internet with all of our 5 senses by 2030. Beyond visual and audio we could be able to touch, feel and even smell and taste things digitally. What could the world look like if this scenario will become a reality? What kind of innovation could be possible? We have asked 15.000 early adopter consumers and B2B users around the world what they think! As technology enables a multi-sensory digital world, they will require super smart hyper-fast connectivity, imperceptible lag, edge computing and advanced automation. Come listen to Dr. Pernilla Jonsson, Head of Consumer & IndustryLab at Ericsson Research. She will take us to the immersive revolution of internet of senses – a future which may be closer than you think!

Dr. Pernilla Jonsson, Head of Ericsson Consumer & Industry Lab

Go to Ericsson stage at 14:45


How do you prepare your organization to attract and retain the next generation talents, in the new normal? – Hosted by EY

As we move on past the pandemic landmark year of 2020, we revisit how organizations will attract and retain the next gen talents in what will become the new normal. The pandemic has not spared any age group, gender or profession; however the nature of the impact on the next gen talents is particularly interesting as it will shape their perspectives and expectations towards their future employer. How will organizations stand out as an attractive employer when the field of play has changed and the next gen talents are coming of age in the midst of a dramatic socioeconomic tumult?

Mito Singh, Senior Manager

Go to EY stage at 14:45


Tele2 – What’s the deal with 5G? – Hosted by Tele 2

Technically, 5G means more stable, faster and secure mobile network. However, exactly which doors 5G opens is still in the future. But the future is soon here and it is up to us, to you and to all the companies in the world to decide what will be the next great invention, the next smart service or the next revolutionary solution. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

Johanna Juhl, director of product management at Tele2 B2B

Go to the Studio 1 at 14:45


Vikten av en stark inkompetensprofil – Hosted by Bonnier News

Många kvinnor inom IT väljer att lämna teknikbranschen, andra byter till icke tekniska roller efter några år. En anledning är de dolda kvinnofällor som finns här lika mycket som på andra ställen. Möt Sofie Svensson och Frida Nyvinger i ett samtal om hur man navigerar för att undvika tjejjobb, hur strategier behöver förändras när man går från junior till senior utvecklare och varför det är så viktigt att ha en stark inkompetensprofil.

Samtalet sker live och möjligheter att ställa frågor finns. Samtalet kommer att hållas på svenska.

Sofie Svensson, Software Developer, Bonnier News Tech.
Frida Nyvinger, Head of Customer Experience at Bonnier News Tech. cing initiatives.

Go to the Studio 2 at 14:45


Innovation is the new black – Hosted by ICA

Hur är det att jobba med innovation i ett stort bolag? Och vad händer när innovationskulturen och storbolagskulturen möts?”
Ariella kommer dyka ner i hur ICAs innovationshub ICAx aktivt jobbar med att främja en innovationskultur. Och hur den här innovationshubben experimenterar, utforskar och skapar nya affärsmöjligheter för ICA med syftet att stärka och förlänga ICA:s affär.

Arielle Rotstein, Co-lead ICAx

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AI and Innovation Management: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship – Hosted by Galina Esther Shubina and Nina Bozic

Do you want to know more about how Innovation Management can enable integration of AI technologies and how AI can enable Innovation Management? We bring to you an honest conversation between an experienced AI technologist and an experienced innovation manager about their own roles, the interplay between AI and innovation management, competencies and mindsets, as well as candid stories from the trenches. Join us in this conversation!

Galina Esther Shubina, AI Strategist at Gradient Descent and co-founder of Women in Data Science (AI&ML) Sweden
Nina Bozic, senior researcher in Innovation Management and the Future of Work at RISE

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Saved by IT – Hosted by Scania

Scania’s IT department has during the past few years invested in bringing a modern, mobile and secure digital workplace into place. When the pandemic hit with full force in the first quarter of 2020, and tens of thousands of employees were sent home, they were well equipped. Despite this, considerable efforts were needed to meet the significant changes in capacity needs around several of the remote services, as well as the need for clear instructions on working methods and opportunities – something that was handled with excellence.

Daniel Lundin, Director End User Productivity and Menatalla Ashraf, Manager Client Delivery, share experiences and good ideas about this.

Menatalla Ashraf, Scania
Daniel Lundin, Scania

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UN Women – If you teach a girl to code, she will change the world – Hosted by Christina Knight

Christina Knight is a Board Member of UN Women in Sweden. In her talk, she will give a short background to how UN Women once came about, how this UN entity works for Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls generelly and globally. More specifically, Christina will share a successful UN Women project for girls who are able to learn about tech, within a refugee camp in north-western Kenya.

Christina Knight, Executive Creative Director The Amazing Society

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Expert tips and advice on how to completely change career – Hosted by Technigo

Is it time for a change? Moving from your current career path to something completely new can feel daunting, especially if it’s in a new industry, and your experience doesn’t feel relevant anymore.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of starting on a new path, join the discussion with professional career coach Petra Stenqvist. She’s helped hundreds of people just like you overhaul their careers and move into exciting new industries. She’ll be speaking alongside successful career changers to give you expert advice and tips to help you to take the first step.

Nasim Mahzuon, Backend developer at Spring Works
Linda Isell, Software developer Storytel
Petra Stenqvist , Career coach Technigo
Hanna Petersson, co-founder Technigo

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Den agila ledningsgruppen – vi lever som vi lär! at – Hosted by ATG

Det behöver inte vara svårt, att leva som man lär och implementera det agila arbetssättet i en ledningsgrupp. Det gäller att börja och testa sig fram! Vi vet att resultatet kommer fortare än man tror, och dessutom har man roligt på vägen tillsammans med sina kollegor.
Vi välkomnar dig på en spännande breakout session där vi berättar mer om våra erfarenheter och svarar på hur? och varför?
Jenny Jernberg , Head Of IT Development at ATG.
Åsa Eriksson Hellsberg, Manager IT, Customer & Account at ATG.

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This session is also available at 14:15.