Privacy Policy

At ABB, we are fully committed to protecting your privacy and respecting your rights to control how your personal data is used. We wish to inform you about how we protect your personal data in connection with the virtual event you participate. This email contains a summary of our privacy notice which applies to ABB Ltd, and all its subsidiary companies.

The ABB company that is communicating with you is responsible for your information and controls how it is used, in accordance with this Privacy Notice. We collect and process certain information, such as contact information, photographs and videos, in order to allow us to register your attendance, provide you with information and services associated with the event, conduct surveys, and produce publications. Please note that the virtual event will be recorded.

The Privacy Notice provides a detailed description of all the data protection rights you have, and the steps taken by ABB to safeguard your information. The notice lays out what data we may collect from you, for what purpose it will be used, on what legal grounds and for how long we keep it. It also specifies with whom ABB may share your data, and whether it includes a transfer of your data outside the country you live in. You may refer to the section on data protection rights you have and how to use them in our full Privacy Notice. Please visit our full Privacy Notice to understand how we process your personal data and your data privacy rights.